Home Protection Spell

Home Protection Spell
Copper is a metal that is sacred to all the goddesses of the home, hearth and domesticity. Copper is also spiritual to Venus, the Goddess of Love. This is where cents can come into play to assist you secure your home.

Copper cents have the power to secure you from fiends, the evil eye and likewise can physically fend off burglars and burglars. Copper is likewise magnetic to good fortune and can assist draw prosperity into your home.

For the House Protection Spell you will need:

  • Four copper pennies
  • The best ways to Cast the House Security Spell
  • Find the North, South, West and East corners of your home or business. Bury a cent at each of these corners about an inch down. These four pennies will imitate a type of force field to protect your house from damage.

The Benefits of a House Security Spell

The house defense spell is used as a guard of protection from animals, demons, humans, spirits or anything that might hurt you. It works for your house and the homes and safeguards the home from unfavorable energy, evil and spiritual matter. When you are remaining in your house or house, there are different ailments that can befall it. There are times, when anybody’s house can be broken into or when something can ignite. This spell secures from the burglaries, natural disasters, flood, fire and other bad luck and offer a blanket of protection from such and similar miseries. When using this house security spell one can sit down and rest knowing that now there is nothing to be stressed about.


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