Inner Beauty Spells

Inner Beauty Spells
You have most likely heard the old stating that “Appeal comes from within.” You have also most likely heard that charm likewise originates from consuming a lot of water. This appeal spell combines the very best of both practical and metaphysical lore about keeping your radiance from within.

For the Inner Charm Shine Spell you will require:

  • A glass of fresh pure distilled Spring water
  • A large increased Quartz
  • Salt

How the Inner Appeal Spell is cast

Each night rub the rose quartz in salt then carefully rinse it. You are cleaning it for your individual usage and making certain it is not holding other energies. You then fill the most lovely glass that you have with the sparkling water.

Another component in this spell is a piece of rose quartz. Rose quartz is the semi-precious gems that belongs to Venus, the love goddess which signifies love. The stone dropped into the water originates favorable energy and instills the water with metaphysical properties that can change you into an appeal.

When you wake up in the morning and drink every drop of the water. Keep doing this and watch the modifications that occur from this simple ritual.

Hold the rose quartz in your palm and contemplate it. Imagine the beauty that you would like to be. Drop the rose quartz into the water and go to sleep.


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