Motivational Spells

Motivational Spells
You can use this Inspiration Spell either for inspiration or for glamour.

This is inspiration spell is also a variation of what is referred to as a glamour spell. Beauty spells increase your self-esteem. They use mirrors to assist motivate you and provide you a need to feel great about yourself.

Then ask to be inspired, encouraged and effective. Repeat twenty-one times.

This spell is also known to increase your motivation in concerns to weight reduction or self-improvement.

Burn out the candle light and wait for success the success that comes from feeling genuinely influenced.

For the Inspiration Spell You will need:

  • Blue candle
  • Mirror
  • The best ways to Cast the Inspiration Spell
  • Light a blue candle light in front of a mirror. Sit at the mirror and look into your own eyes until you are ended up counting to twenty-one.

It is recommended that this is a good one to do prior to an essential task interview, meeting, or an important date.

Ask the Powers That Be to place a circle of gold light around you. Repeat your very first name or names twenty-one times.


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