Pregnancy Spells

Pregnancy Spells
Use a crocheted square of fabric constructed of a yarn you are not adverse. It might be pink for a lady, blue for a young boy, yellow for neither or white.

Picture your child secured, supported and invulnerable to anything bad in the universe.

Eliminate the cloth and put it in an unique place when you are done practicing meditation.

There is no force more protective than a mom’s natural love for a child. This spell is symbolic of the defense and like you feel for the child.

For the Pregnancy Security Spell You will require:

  • Crocheted square of fabric in pink, blue, yellow or white
  • How to Cast the Pregnancy Security Spell
  • Sit alone in a peaceful room and consider your child. Lay the crocheted cloth over your tummy.
  • If you are pregnant and do not wish to lose a kid your primary step is to make sure that you are clinically healthy. Keep all of your consultations and do refrain from doing any activities that may threaten the wellness of the child.


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