Remain Beautiful Spells

Remain Beautiful Spells
Repeat for 3 days prior to you need to go out on a big date or go to a big occasion.

To make this spell two times as powerful do it for fourteen rather of three days in a row.

This appeal spell uses food that is spiritual to the love Goddess Venus to keep you lovely. It readies spell to perform 3 days prior to you need to participate in a crucial date or event.

It works well anytime however it is best to do from the brand-new moon through to the complete moon because that is the time that you can make things development.

Active ingredients for the Appeal Spell

  • 7 Cherries
  • 7 Snowpeas
  • The best ways to cast the Spell to Stay Gorgeous
  • Take 7 snow peas in your right-hand and 7 cherries in your left. Eat them alternately beginning first with a snow pea and then a cherry. The left hand rules the unseen world inside you and the ideal hand what others



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