Weight Loss Spells

Weight Loss Spells
Components for the Weight-loss Spell:

  • One length of intense yellow ribbon
  • How to cast the Weight-loss Spell

    Take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around your waist like you would if you were taking your measurements. Cut it so that it is a single piece of ribbon.

    Take this ribbon and then state the following as you connect the Knots

    By the Knot of one, my overeating is done

    By the Knot of two, I work out too

    By the Knot of 3, I consume fat free

    By the Knot of 4, I hydrate more

    By the Knot of five, a diet I contrive

    By the Knot of six, my thyroid I fix

    By the Knot of 7, this week I lose 7

    By the Knot of 8, weight loss if my fate

    By the Knot of 9, success is mine!

    This weight reduction spell uses a thread that is you shorten by incorporating 9 knots. Each tying of the knot signifies a notch in a belt. You are to think, while you are doing this, that you are tightening up the belt around your waist as you do each step of the weight reduction program. This is based upon the usual nine knot spell that is used in Wiccan Magic to achieve a result. With each knot that is tied you state and objective and mark it as are reality that will manifest in the future. Yellow ribbon is used because it looks like determining tape.

    When you utilize this spell visualize losing about seven pounds a week.

    Tie the last knot. Make certain that of the knots are roughly equally spaced out on the ribbon.

    Tie the 2 ends together and state:

    You will find that you will have a much easier time dieting and getting your weight down, whether you credit the spell or yourself depends on you.

    Extra Weight-loss Ritual

    There are different weight loss spells out there that include various methods and rituals, along with quite various chants, or spells.

    Knot 10 makes this real, as I will so mote it be.

    How Weight-loss Spells Can Help You
    As there are spells offered for essentially anything, it is quite natural there are weight-loss spells also. When aiming to lose the additional weight, things can seem to be rather desperate as you strive to lose and continue to gain. On the occasion that you have tired all your steps, you can state exactly what the heck and attempt weight reduction spells. Although there are lots of skeptics, what do you need to lose besides the weight?

    This simple candle weight loss spell consists of a white, a yellow, and a blue candle along with a mirror. You will light each of the candle lights that will be lined up in a row in front of the mirror, chanting the following:

    As I lose the weight

    I am feeling actually fantastic

    As the additional pounds are melting

    My journey gets interesting

    My inspiration is the secret

    To mote it be

    You will utilize the wax from the lit candles to produce a new candle light integrating all 3 candles’ wax. You will duplicate the routine daily until the candle light is made then you will start with the new candle light. You will burn the new candle until it puts itself out or the wind knocks out the flame and each day you will do the exact same when you are feeling unhappy about your weight.


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